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Marzadro Distilleria grappa

Region Trentino, Nogaredo Vallagarina

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Le Grappe Classiche di Monovitigno esprimono la capacità culturale ed operativa Marzadro di mantenere intatte le caratteristiche delle vinacce.
sale Grappa Bivitigno Delicata

Grappa Bivitigno Delicata 0,7lt.

Grappa made from two varieties of Trentino white grape marc, Chardonnay and Müller Thurgau. The distillation takes place slowly with the bain-marie method in a discontinuous steam alembic still, which preserves all the aromatic substances of the vines, guaranteeing the maximum result in terms of aromas and fragrances. Chardonnay is a vine grown in the best suited areas of Vallagarina (southern Trentino) at altitudes between 200 and 500 metres above sea level. Müller Thurgau is a native vine to Trentino grown on the Brentonico upland, in certain areas of the high hills of Vallagarina and in Val di Cembra. By skilfully combining these two varieties we obtain "Delicata", a Grappa with a typically herbaceous scent and a soft, fresh, particularly elegant structure.

Bouquet: herbaceous, fruity
Structure: soft, elegant

Alcohol (% Vol.): 41
Capacity (cl.): 70 ? 50 ? 20

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products line grappa

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